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Samsung launches the Galaxy S5 to compete against Apple!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is believed to be an evolution of the Galaxy S4 that was launched in the year 2013. Samsung has been trying hard to compete with Apple’s iPhone series and it tries to challenge the iPhone 5 by launching the Galaxy S5 as a competitor. It is the company’s latest flagship phone and industry experts believe that it is going to be a fast selling one. The phone has been designed beautifully keeping in mind the important specifications that gizmo lovers look for. Experts say that it would be tough to convince a customer to choose the Samsung Galaxy S5 over the iPhone 5. However any person with a lower budget than the price of the iPhone 5 would choose the Samsung Galaxy S5 any day!Thus it is not actually an iPhone replacement but it would please shoppers who are already predisposed with the Samsung and the Android.

The Basic features of the phone include:

  • 5.1 inch screen, 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution, 432 PPI display
  • 16/32 GB storage, expandable up to 128GB via micro SD card
  • 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, LTE
  • 16 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera that can perform quality video chats.
  • Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM
  • Fingerprint reader, optical heart rate monitor
The specifications clearly shows that the S5 is actually an upgraded form of the Galaxy S4 with a few add on features such as the Fingerprint reader and the optical heart rate monitor that are absent in the S4. The phone has been made available to the people in four colors; the Cobalt Black and the Marble White, Blue and Gold.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the S5?

The Unique Selling Points of the Galaxy S5 are many. Some of them have been specified below.

The Screen and Display

The screen of the phone is a masterpiece. It is a 5.1 inch screen that has a full Super HD AMOLED display. It stands for active matrix organic light emitting diode which has been used by Samsung in this phone along with an integrated digitizer which means that the layer that detects touch is integrated in the screen. The 1920x1080 pixel screen resolution is likely to yield an amazing pixel display of 432 PPI.

The Camera

The phone offers a 16 Megapixel rear camera that boasts of its ability to capture intricate details. Samsung also claims that it is a fast and easy to use camera. The pictures can be transformed into large format prints. The 2 megapixel front camera is just ideal for a Skype chat and can transmit the best quality video chatting.

The Fingerprint reader and the Optical Heart Rate monitor

This is the world’s first smartphone that has a built in Optical heart rate sensor. It uses the mechanism of Pulse Oximetry to detect a person’s heart rate through the finger tip. The metric is pretty accurate and this feature is very appealing to the aged people and doctors.

The fingerprint reader also works decently well but has a higher failure rate than the Apple’s Touch ID sensor. The fingerprint reader can be linked with PayPal and the phone can be used to do shopping.

Water Resistant and Dustproof

The S5 has been made dustproof and water resistant to make it less vulnerable to accidents and mishaps. The device has been detected and been given an Ingress Protection rating of IP67. However it is not shock proof and the covers must be tightly closed.

MILK Music

The Milk Music is only available to the customers in the US and is one of the best software features. It offers streaming radio and is ad and subscription free. It works as a great replacement to the terrestrial radio because it does not take the user to provide a lot of input to use it. It has a feature of auto start. It has an impressive library of tracks. The service is powered by Slacker Radio.

Power saving mode

The battery backup of the Galaxy S5 is quite good as the power house has been extended to 2800 mAh. The Ultra Power Saving Mode is designed to minimize the consumption of power and make sure that the device can work longer without receiving further charge.

What are the major drawbacks of the S5?

There are a few drawbacks of the Galaxy S5 which might repel customers from choosing this phone. Few of the drawbacks are:

  • The plastic make: The S5 has a plastic body that might be a thumb down from many prospective customers. Samsung has been unable to provide the customers with what they have been looking for, namely, a metal chassis. Samsung argues that it has used plastic to make the water resistance superior but the argument doesn't hold as the same is done by Apple and Sony by using metal chassis.
  • Unnecessary Features: Some people have termed the Optical Heart rate detector to be a redundant and unnecessary feature that is only helpful to a specific category of people.
  • Slow Background Defocus: Experts argue that the Galaxy S5 actually has lesser pixel density than the S4. In terms of focus, the auto brightness still has issues that need to be addressed by Samsung.
  • Poor performance of the fingerprint scanner: The fingerprint scanner that has been provided by Samsung on its Galaxy S5 is not up to the expectations of the people. It often fails to detect the fingerprint and can be used at best for the purpose of a lock. It is not a very good idea to use it while making payments because there is a chance of failure. Thus it again repels the customers from choosing S5 over the iPhone 5.

The overall opinion about the Galaxy S5 is a mixed one. 

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is surely a very attractive phone that grabs your attention at once. It looks good and performs very well. It has been prepared with a lot of learning and experience but still some loopholes remain. The processing speed is very high and the Android 4.4.2 Kit-Kat is a bait to lure people who are predisposed by the brand image of Samsung. The extreme water and dust protection is a very good feature that relieves many people from the tension of loss due to accident. It has been tested by a brief 30 second submersion and a strong downpour to prove its worthiness of water resistance.

The bigger screen size, HD display and high resolution screen offers the best possible graphics quality currently. The plastic body makes the phone a very lightweight one; it weighs only 5.11 ounces.

However the phone fails to appeal a specific set of customers who will strive to buy this phone. It is a general mix of many features and is not actually aimed at any specific group of people. But it would not matter a lot to Samsung because it is only Apple that can rival Samsung’s Fan Base. As the phone is one of the best phones in the Android arena it has lesser threat from the Apple’s iPhone 5. It is a value for money phone for $900 as it has some of the best features that an Android phone is offering.

Mobile Browsers to Gradually Become History as Mobile Apps Take the Baton

Mobile app designing, operation, maintenance and support are the functions which are being demanded the most from the IT industry. The IT industry is finding a new challenge in serving the mobile apps which have become ubiquitous in mobile phones in the new world. 

Mobile apps are the most sought after programs in all mobile devices and across all mobile operating systems. The apps are simple to use and have been made ready for very precise purposes. The IT industry generates a lot of money by designing, developing and maintaining these mobile apps.

With the advent of the smartphones and user friendly operating systems such as Android and iOS apps have become more used and demanded. Apps are software which provides very specific and dedicated service to their users. Users are demanding an app for every other task that is to be performed on mobile devices. Many users now avoid the web browsers and depend more on apps to terminate their needs. The newer mobile operating systems such as Android and the iOS are app based and support a large number of apps. As compared to their erstwhile counterparts such as Symbian, the new apps have been very user friendly and have been widely accepted by mobile manufacturers. Makers of smartphones such as Samsung, Sony and Motorola have adopted the Android operating system and its different versions. Nokia was one such company that continued to use Symbian and lost the entire market share to Samsung, Sony and Motorola. Now Nokia phones are being operated by Windows 8, a new version of the operating system, which is somewhat like the Android.

Most web based businesses that have been associated with online trading of goods and services are now heavily dependent on Apps. Earlier a customer had to open the web browser, enter the merchant’s URL and only then he could enter the merchant’s website to procure goods or services. Nowadays this service is provided by Apps. A merchant develops and maintains an App which is generally given as a freebie which can be downloaded from the merchant’s website. This app gets installed in the customer’s smartphone and is linked with the merchant’s website. The customer on need can just touch the app on the smartphone and the merchant’s website will be entered. Thus the needs of web browsers are getting reduced.

The usage of apps is on the rise. Merchants from various walks of business now understand the importance of apps to keep customers within their reach. Pizza delivery, mobile recharge, car mechanics, restaurants, banks, ticket booking agencies and a host of other businesses are depending on apps to procure new customers. Many other businesses are trying their way through to develop apps that can suit their customers. Recently electricity supply companies developed apps to collect payments from their customers through the smartphones.

More people are adapting to smartphones and statistics show that users have spent 162 minutes on mobile devices which has increased from 158 minutes last year. The app usage alone has the lion’s share of 139 minutes from the total 162 minutes. The mobile browser usage has dropped to 22 minutes a day. Users now identify mobile browser as just another app in the app bundle.

Gaming continues to lead mobile usage and accounts for 32% of the time spent. Facebook competes at the second position and has a share of 17% of the time spent. In reality time spent on Facebook has actually declined which is why Facebook has acquired popular social networks such as Instagram and Whatsapp. This has helped Facebook to garner the time spend but still the usage has dropped by 1%. Entertainment and Utility apps share the third position with time spent on each account to 8%. YouTube’s witnesses 4% of the total attention without any change. Attention on productivity apps have increased from 2% to 4%.

Google continues to lead the ratio of Ad spent to time spent. Share of Google’s ad revenue is 49% and the total time spent is 18%. Thus the ratio is healthy. Total time spent on Facebook is 17% and its share of mobile ad revenue is 17.5%. The ratio is just above 1 for Facebook but the ratio for other Apps is not so good where time spent is 65% and ad revenue is 33%.

Experts opine that more apps can be brought in the pursuit of generating ad revenues. Gaming apps and smaller social networking apps such as Snapchat are not actively involved in generating ad revenue. Gaming has a huge potential to generate ad revenues and these apps must open up to advertising in order to stabilize the entire ecosystem of revenue generation from apps. The opportunity is huge and remains to be tapped.

Read and Enjoy Apple ibook on your Mac and iOS

PDFs and e Pubs were the most popular versions of reading eBooks however, with the launch of Apple iBook, reading books for Apple users have become more fun and more exciting a journey of knowledge.iBooks primarily collect EPUB content from iBookstore  but on discretion the users can also add their ePub and PDF files by using data synchronization method with iTunes. Moreover, these target files are downloadable via safari or Apple mail. iBook is also compatible in displaying eBooks including multimedia. As per Apple’s declaration, iBooks are 100% capable of reading contents by using VoiceOver.

Selection of Fonts

Presently, the version 3 of iBook has already hit the market and creditor goes to excellent improvisation of this Apple lab child, now it can read 18 different languages and readers can select their preferred fonts and displayed text sixe as per their personal convenience. Latest available English fonts , which can be accessed are Cochin, Georgia, Baskerville, Times New Roman, Seravek, Iowan, Charter, Verdana, Athelas, and Palatino.

In addition to these customization facilities, users can have their personal discretionary power for adjusting scree brightness with the help of the application.

Viewing Themes

iBook allows its users three options for viewing theme to select from; however, these themes are not compatible to PDF formatted books. These three themes are:
  • ·         Black colored text on while background and it is called normal
  • ·         Sepia colored text on off while background, and it is called sepia,
  • ·         Light grey colored text on black background, which is called night.

iBook-page layouts

iBook has three page layout options and these are full screen, book, and scroll. In both Book and Full Screen layout users can turn pages simplyby dragging or tapping the pages, being animated to replicate the look of a paper book. In Scroll layout option, there is no requirement of page turning as by default the book takes the form of continuous text,  and users can read it vertically as they do while browsing web.

Salient features of Apple ibook

iBook always adds some extra for its users for enjoying a book in its comprehensive reading method.
·         The reader can use highlighting/underlining a word/line/paragraph in reading these iBooks. The available color options for highlighting are yellow, green, blue, purple, or pink.

  • ·         You can search for a work/a phrase all over the book,
  • ·         Users can add note if wanted while reading,
  • ·         Definitions of a word can be found by clicking on the word and by selecting the option define,
  • ·         If the definition is not found, the reader can search web hi and low for finding the definition of the word.

The e-book formats supported by iBooks are PDF and EPUB. As per version 2.0, iBooksare also compatible with a patented iBook format (IBA), produced with the support ofiBooks Author tool. This format can bematched with the EPUB format but it completely depends on custom widget code in the iBooks app for its proper and synchronized functioning.


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