Xbox One: Step into the World of Unending Entertainment

Hi, This is Xbox One

The third generation child of Xbox gaming console family is going to change your living room experience.  Microsoft announced its entry on 21st May, 2013 and introduced XBOX One as an ameliorated successor of the Xbox 360. Xbox One is not limited in the arena carved up as a game space only; it will usher in a new era of everlasting entertainment giving simultaneous access to movies, music, live television and internet. Microsoft is ambitiously expecting it to be a watershed inviting Sony Play Station4 and Nintendo’s Wii U in an open agon.

Xbox One

What’s New in Me

Xbox One is nothing but entertainment in kingly attire.  It comes with a blue-ray optical drive, Skype functionality, vibrating feedback transported through the gamepad’s triggers and a new and advanced version of kinect with an upgraded feature of voice-control ability allowing you to control XBOX functions with voice command. Some minor but defining changes can also be perceived if you seta a close glance on the image of the controller. It’s a liquid black controller with smooth finish—a texture made in such a way as to prevent sweating of palms while playing for hours. The “D” pad design is replaced with a cross-like “X” and replacing the backwards and forwards pointing arrows of “Start” and “Back” there are slightly smaller icons. Most impressive is the change in the Kinect—how far it has been developed since its first launch.

The Purpose I am Supposed to Fulfil

Xbox One Features

The all-in-one entertainment system will change your conception of recreation. Seize every moment of your leisure with games that blurs the distinction between reality and magic, television that follows your voice command, watching movies that will turn out to be an experience, intoxicating music to lull your senses. You will surely crave for such a moment of relax when all your pleasures are just at your hand! This astonishingly unique innovation of Microsoft is supposed to offer you more than a magic casement can. Enjoy HD movie, Favourite TV shows, Playing Games, Staying connected with social space or Dancing in the rhythm of life with family and friends alike—all in one go.  

When Will I Knock At Your Door

Xbox One Price

This new X-box gift will step out of Microsoft’s hanging bag later this year. So this X-mass Santa might bring home a magnificent memento and fill your life with all-embracing happiness.

Microsoft’s Ambition in Me

Microsoft has squeezed the essence of multitasking in this post-techno age and brought a completely new Living Room concept for every home. From a simple video game console Xbox has now reached the culmination point. However, Microsoft has planned to come up with some more information about their breathtakingly amazing Game console in coming June, 2013.

Keeping in mind the leaping advancement of technology in near future we can have a fancy vision the whole concept of any concretized media box will be blown with the wind.

 Facts You Should Know Before Using   

The Vice President of Microsoft says for XBOX One an internet connection will be mandatory. The Xbox One is not compatible with Xbox 360 contents.  


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