Magic Lies In Your Eyes: The Wizard Glass Of Google

Introducing Google Glass (“GL/\SS”) :Mystery Unravelled

What has been unthinkable or unattainable or perhaps dreamt of only in an eccentric’s fantasy is made possible by Google. The experts of Google’s Project Glass have invented a wearable computer (surprisingly it looks like your very own specs!) that follows your voice commands. The age of desktop, laptop, tablet, smart-phones are gone. Google ushers in a new era of Glass where the flowing data from all over the universe hang in front of your eyes. Google Glass is a camera, a display, a touchscreen, a vedio-recording and instant sharing instrument, an e-map, an information hub, a voice translator, a messenger with invisible wings—essentially the lightest and quickest computer interacting with internet—all built in within one spectacular frame.

Google Glasses Review

Evolution: Step by Step

The idea of a wearable computer (with CPU, Microphone, Battery, Camera, Speakers and A Prism for visual overlay) has been hovering in the market air sometimes around but many people and international companies doubted in this incredible business. Finally Google introduced their Project Glass in April 2012, a Glass that will change the ways of interacting with the world. And now we are almost prepared to enter into the GLASS era as the Frame-like instrument is about to enter into the market early in the coming year.


Google Glass Models

Google Glass includes Android 4.0.4 and higher, a Display 640×360 (suggested but determined), a 5-megapixel Camera that can take photo and record video at 720p, a Battery that goes a normally a day if fully charged(except you do a lot of video recording), 16 GB Flash memory in which 12 GB is available for user storage, Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi, 3 axis gyroscope, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis magnetometer (compass), ambient Light sensing and Proximity sensor, a Touchpad built into the side of the device and many more technical specifications. Initially it will come in five colors –Black, Orange, Grey, White and Blue. A micro USB cable and a charger will also be provided with the consumer-friendly version of the Frames.

The product is expected to be lightweight with adjustable nose-pads. However the GLASS will not be available for those who use prescription glasses or lens. But Google assures you that the GLASS will soon be updated for the use of people with normal prescription glasses. Google Glass Applications are free applications like Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, Gmail, facial recognitions, photo manipulations, news app etc. Mirror API released by Google in April 2013 allows developers to make Apps for Glass.  Some are shared in Facebook and Twitter also. Google Glass costs $1500—around 985 pound. The consumer versions will be a little cheaper.

The Magic that The Glass Performs:

Google Glass Features

Along with clicking photos and recording videos while strolling you can instantly share the images among your friends and circle. Google Map will give directions wherever you are and wherever you aim to go. You can receive messages and read them in the Display and at the same time answer back using microphone and Google’s Voice-to-Text functionality. Google Glass will translate the words spoken to you in your own language and vice versa. It’s a hands-free instrument that works as per your voice instruction. In no time it will surely become your all-time companion making you aware if your flight is delayed and giving you all available information when you visit a new place.

A Little Worry

Now there is a small feud among lawmakers that a GLASS with a camera and a built-in video screen that records pictures and provides information about people and surroundings is potentially dangerous as it will snatch individual privacy. Don’t blame me if you get caught in the GLASSy net of this e-eye while enjoying one of your private moments with your special one. For a precaution, while in public place keep your biological eyes open and don’t miss to catch the GLASSy people. But Google says this visible Third Eye with transcendental sight will not hit the market before early 2014 and till then just enjoy the fantastic news around.

Forget all about the dystopic worries, every new invention has its positive and negative ways. Just hold your breath visionary evolution this wizard glass brings!

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