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PDFs and e Pubs were the most popular versions of reading eBooks however, with the launch of Apple iBook, reading books for Apple users have become more fun and more exciting a journey of knowledge.iBooks primarily collect EPUB content from iBookstore  but on discretion the users can also add their ePub and PDF files by using data synchronization method with iTunes. Moreover, these target files are downloadable via safari or Apple mail. iBook is also compatible in displaying eBooks including multimedia. As per Apple’s declaration, iBooks are 100% capable of reading contents by using VoiceOver.

Selection of Fonts

Presently, the version 3 of iBook has already hit the market and creditor goes to excellent improvisation of this Apple lab child, now it can read 18 different languages and readers can select their preferred fonts and displayed text sixe as per their personal convenience. Latest available English fonts , which can be accessed are Cochin, Georgia, Baskerville, Times New Roman, Seravek, Iowan, Charter, Verdana, Athelas, and Palatino.

In addition to these customization facilities, users can have their personal discretionary power for adjusting scree brightness with the help of the application.

Viewing Themes

iBook allows its users three options for viewing theme to select from; however, these themes are not compatible to PDF formatted books. These three themes are:
  • ·         Black colored text on while background and it is called normal
  • ·         Sepia colored text on off while background, and it is called sepia,
  • ·         Light grey colored text on black background, which is called night.

iBook-page layouts

iBook has three page layout options and these are full screen, book, and scroll. In both Book and Full Screen layout users can turn pages simplyby dragging or tapping the pages, being animated to replicate the look of a paper book. In Scroll layout option, there is no requirement of page turning as by default the book takes the form of continuous text,  and users can read it vertically as they do while browsing web.

Salient features of Apple ibook

iBook always adds some extra for its users for enjoying a book in its comprehensive reading method.
·         The reader can use highlighting/underlining a word/line/paragraph in reading these iBooks. The available color options for highlighting are yellow, green, blue, purple, or pink.

  • ·         You can search for a work/a phrase all over the book,
  • ·         Users can add note if wanted while reading,
  • ·         Definitions of a word can be found by clicking on the word and by selecting the option define,
  • ·         If the definition is not found, the reader can search web hi and low for finding the definition of the word.

The e-book formats supported by iBooks are PDF and EPUB. As per version 2.0, iBooksare also compatible with a patented iBook format (IBA), produced with the support ofiBooks Author tool. This format can bematched with the EPUB format but it completely depends on custom widget code in the iBooks app for its proper and synchronized functioning.



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