iPhone6 – Thinner, Smarter and Bigger

Apple blends quality and style to beat the Smartphone competitors 

iPhone6 Concept

The Rumour:

Though Apple maintains the business strategy of keeping all news on their about-to-arrive gadget hushed up, we managed to penetrate the layer of mystery surrounding iPhone6 and see what we have brought for you. As we all know, talks about iPhone6 begun as soon as iPhone5 was launched. 

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Well, now the rumour has spread enough to make people believe that iPhone6 is going to be a bigger, thinner, smarter and surprisingly cheaper one in the iPhone series. iPhone6 is going to carry within it’s heart the new operating system iOS7. The rumour says about two new and exciting features -- that it will have “smart bezel” for displaying information around the screen and highly active sonar sensor. But you have to hold your breath till 2014 for this would-be perfect iphone child.

So, What’s New in iPhone6?

The Dazzling Display:

The Dazzling Display of iPhone6

Apple iPhone6 will outwardly look like our very own iphone5 but do not get misled by its dubious look for it is a renewed version of its predecessor. Johnny Plaid, the innovative graphic designer has furnished it with an edge-to-edge style which means without even increasing the size of the phone Apple is getting a larger screen and the subtle change can be felt through the eyes though the hand may not accept it. It’s a really amazing concept of utilizing the existing space and redesigning the whole thing for a greater display. I know that you all prefer a big screen for smartphones. So, this one is going to sweep you off your feet with its style. It will be a flexible wrap around AMOLED display invented to beat over Sony Xperies or Samsung Galaxy

If you have previously thought that Apple is somehow lagging behind in the matter of a smart display in smartphone, this time they bet that you are going to change your opinion once your eyes meet with the sensational iphone6. With the unfolding mechanism the double in size 3D display can be unrolled. It’s thinner than iPhone5 and it will be a comfort on your palm.

What’s More?

iPhone6 Concept Retina Display

If you surf through the internet you will come across a good many videos and images featuring the upcoming qualities and upgraded hardware of the iPhone6 among which a Retina 2 and a REALD layered display is the most talked about features. 

Eye tracking system has already furnished Samsung Galaxy and this time it is introduced with the iPhones. The “Home” button is replaced with sensors at the bottom with multi-touch gestures. 

You can use the area at the left and right sides of the “Home” button while using multiple apps or customize the functions as required. Apparently, it seems iPhone6 is going to be more user friendly device. In addition it is expected to have a MagSafe iPhone charger. 

iPhone6 Camera

iPhone6 will have an increased almost unlimited storage space (128 GB) so that you can store as many as you wish and a 12 MP 3D camera designed to bowl over camera specialists Nokia 920 or HTC One.

Sounds impressive? Well, let’s keep the fingers crossed. However, Plaid has also chalked out the design for iPhone Mini. But iPhone5 actually failed to bring all that it promised and we can only hope that this time Apple brings for iPhone lovers a real magic all-in-one gadget in affordable price.

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