Sony is Working on Windows based Smartphone

While Google and Apple operating systems are rocking in market, Microsoft operating system is really lagging behind due to some unknown reason. In order to bridge the probable gap this time Microsoft has taken a bold step to merge with its rival as well as old partner: it is Sony.

Sony,whose mobile units are already found partnered with Google’s Android OS since last 4 years has also considered this merging with Microsoft for making a windows phone is profitable approach for their huge audience and to add special diversity to their acclaimed handset list. As per the reliable rumor source this Sony Windows phone is going to be launched in the market by middle of 2014.

Sony is working on Windows based smartphone

On the other hand while Microsoft has struggled hard for gaining market stake from iOS and Google Android. Recently, Nokia Corporations’ Lumia smartphones presently ensures a major thrust in Windows Phone sales, somewhat challenges additional growth of platform’s use; however, with the possibility of Sony’s merger with Microsoft has opened a new horizon of technological amalgamation. The first Sony smartphone with Windows Phone is expected to enter market by middle of 2014.

The merging group is determined on making both low as well as high-end handsets. If Microsoft has confirmed for proposing licensing deals, there is a possibility that Sony can produce low-cost, entry-level smartphones for developing markets in 3rd world countries like India, China, etc. -- and despite aggressive competition from multinational companies like Apple and Samsung -- the change could upsurge the number of Windows Phone users.

Out of this Sony Microsoft merging it is expected that Microsoft is about to use Sony’s devices and services along with already launched Lumia product line and thus is expected to be the world’s biggest supplier of Windows Phone-based handsets with the world’s largest family of WP-powered products. Such position significantly challenges all third party’s wish to have license over Windows Phone since finally their products finish up competing against Microsoft itself and the factor of price comes up in the surface for final selection, Microsoft always had won the race since it have the OS in its exclusive ownership. Presently, the hardware makers are simply petrified of struggle and strategy of Microsoft on the booming handset market, which makes the related companies devote more into the devices including Google Android. By building the Operating System free, the software giant just has removed some of hardware makers’ fears.

By making low and high Windows Phone and Windows RT free to device manufacturers, Microsoft will confirm that the mobile platforms will not be its copyrighted operating systems, which,  by given their short market share ill lead toward somewhat stagnation. Besides, it can be anticipated that Sony Microsoft joint venture mat consider releasing dual-boot devices both with Android and Windows.

Till now, neither Microsoft nor Sony has released any comment/reaction on the current news-story.

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