The Smashing Entry of Smartphone Jolla

New Smartphone Jolla with New OS Sailfish

Jolla Smartphone

Did You Hear There’s A Revolution In The Smartphone World?

Whenever ideas became static and society stagnant a revolution was needed for a dynamic outcome. And whenever revolution occurred in history ( be it political or socio-cultural or religious), it brought about major changes in the perspectives man sees the world and in the ways man lives his life. After Green, White, Blue and Yellow revolution it’s now turn for a mobile revolution.

Smartphone Revolution Jolla

Jolla Smartphone and OS Sailfish duet is supposed to be a Finnish revolution in the market of Smartphones. Jolla (pronounce Yol-la) Smartphone is an initiative by ex-Nokia employees who worked hard in the abandoned project MeeGo and developed a new mobile-optimized Operating System Sailfish which aims to provide the revolutionary change we are expecting since it’s first formal announcement in 2011. And finally our long wait is going to end this Xmas. If you are already bored with the functionalities of multi-use smartphones fasten your belt for something new and extra-ordinary for Jolla will truly be a new generation experience.

Wow! It’s magical

Magical Jolla Smartphone

On 20th May, 2013 Jolla has unravelled the mystery that started gathering around after their TheOtherHalf campaign in the internet. The wow factor in Jolla smartphone is it’s new and customized OS Sailfish. The software can be individualized to suit your ambience, your mood and your style. The coloured back is interchangeable. If you’re at work or with kids or in a party just select and create Your Jolla. It’s colours, tones, fonts, profiles and functionalities adapt to your need, to your wish -- what you need, where you need and when you need (to site a random example there is Team colour for Football teams)-- as if it understands you, as if it has it’s own mind, as if it sparks into life every time you add The Other Half.

The Creative Other (Difference From Others i.e. Other Smartphones)

The Creative Jolla Smartphone

The magical thing about this Other Half is it gives the opportunity to create a style of your own to express your belongingness with something, to focus on your specialities. No other Smartphone gave boost to your creative part. They all came with pre-installed options which somehow restrict the free flow of imagination. But with Jolla you are liberated to fly free. Attach the Other Half and your Jolla becomes an extension of your self. It’s incredibly the flexible domain of infinite possibilities of unrestrained creation that Jolla opens up. Sounds incredible? Wait there are many more. Fresh and innovative models of animations, haptics and sounds support user interactions designed to make multi-tasking experience enjoyable.

The Breaking News!

Jolla Smartphone Review

The intuitive Sailfish Smartphone is the manifestation of compactness having a 4.5 inch display and 8 megapixel HD recording camera. Within its sleek body it will have a dual core processor with 16 GB internal memory. As announced along with the compatibility with Google Android Apps, it will support 4G. To sum up, it’s simple but beautiful. It’s unique but uncomplicated.

Is It Unreachable?

However it seems you have to pay a little high price for such a wonderful gift from Jolla as the sim-free retail price is announced to be 399 euro or 510$. Let’s keep your finger crossed and hope that the price goes down once it sets foot in the market (of course if you don’t think Santa himself will bring it for you)!



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