Android Gets a Vibrant Vine Touch

Fusion of Vine-Android

Vine has become the most popular video sharing application within a few months of its debut in the world of mobile apps. And recently as a pleasant surprise it has made a short leap from Twitter to Android. The six-second video and creativity app in fusion with amazing Android is expected to bring a massive change in the market of Android phones.

Vine for Android

Few Words about Vine

Twitter Vine App

Vine is credited for creating video clips of six seconds length and quickly sharing these beautiful and life-ly moving videos with friends and family in social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Vine brings a fun way of enjoying the warmth and rhythm of life. Not only just recording and sharing videos but also uploading unlimited pictures for free, connecting and interacting with the circle of near and dear ones, following the trend and style of the moment – everything is available within a blink. Vibrant Vine didn’t take long to flourish in the lives of the a la mode generation. Initially Vine was available only in iOS devices but Twitter has released the Android version after its (Vine’s) mass popularity and it’s an absolutely free download for Google’s Android Smartphone users.

Focal Point

Video Sharing App Vine

Now that we have Vine and Android two-in-one you may be going impatient to know about the charisma the coupling is going to perform. You can shoot, share and post six-second Vine videos into your Twitter Timeline directly from your 4.0 and higher Android. To arouse envy of the iOS-users, the Android version of Vine has a unique zooming feature and with Galaxy S4 and HTC ONE you can bask in the delight. Fly high with its high quality playback sound and go trendy connecting, sharing and posting.


However, the new Android version of Vine does not have all the updated-features that are within grip of iPhone and iPad users. But don’t take it as a limitation, for Vine has promised to come with a bunch of mesmerizing and colourful features, just like front-facing camera, hashtag, mention-people-in-post, push notifications and many more, in near future. 

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