Instagram Coming to Windows Phone

Instagram is an instant way to share happy moments with friends and family via mobile. You can snap a picture, create a video, and by using filter by changing its look you can post it in instagram to present it in front of the world. In fact, it is a unique way to enjoy the world and friends’ association and it’s free.

After Microsoft’s undertaking of Nokia now it has been announced by the company that windows phones are coming with instagram pre-installed in them. Right now there are 150 million active users of Instagram. Instagram was previously on iOS since 2010, as well as in Android since 2012, and now windows phones are also joining the bandwagon. However till yet Nokia has not disclosed under what features the Windows Phone Instagram app will get included.

The entrance of Instagram fills the major app  lacking gap in Windows Phone, and figuratively at least finalizes its locus as the 3rd choice of mobile platform — for app developers the responsibility is to address as well as for consumers to assume. Windows Phone comes, however, as a very far aloof 3rd in the smartphone OS rankings.
Instagram Coming to Windows Phone
As per Nokia strategy, clearly the company’s aim is to bring unique and hot apps to the platform of Windows Phones. Nokia is paying high level of respect for Instagram and this company has already started work in that course strategically with Microsoft as well as with apps like Hipstamatic to share its unique capability for sharing unique moments on Instagram.

Now it’s time finally to say goodbye to the 3rd-party Instagram apps: the widespread photo sharing podium is ultimately coming to Windows Phone. Kevin Systrom, the Instagram CEO has confirmed the news on availability of Instagram on Windows phones at Nokia’s Lumia-focused press meet in Abu Dhabi.

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