Facebook Pay: A New Payments Feature for Facebook Messenger

Facebook announced that it'll now be supplying a system to permit friend to friend payments via its messenger. The primary concept behind adding this function is to add convenience for the user. Now you can handle your business and social debts from a social app that you already use daily, with just a couple of taps on the display. Although this function is initially going to be accessible only in U.S. For the time being, with additional countries having this feature rolled out in the near future.

After updating, the user can push a button with the “$” logo at the top, which may be visible close to the photo, voice and sticker sending control keys. Once the user presses this button, he/she would be requested to enter his/her debit card info. This implies you don’t need to proceed through your notebooks or information for finding your accounts details, instead, you just need to enter your card info.


Facebook is only allowing Visa and MasterCard cards currently. It generally does not allow the usage of credit score cards to the benefit of the users since they would entail charges that Facebook will not want one to pay.

Here is some background on how this got started. Originally, Facebook used Paypal (an online transaction system) for payments inside their messenger app. Given that the new feature offers been unveiled we have been predicting that both would collide when it comes to business.

The messenger would unquestionably prove far more convenient as you don’t need to go through the procedure for logging into another account and chipping in your credentials before you make a payment. Rather, all you have to accomplish is touch that “$” on your own smartphone and make question happen in only a few minutes.

On June 9th, 2014 President of Paypal, David Marcus, moved to Facebook to make huge additions to messenger. This included the rumor of Facebook shifting towards a broader objective, sufficient reason for the unveiling of this new function.

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